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Rams for the auction St.Johann / Reutlingen August 17 th, 2019


All rams are examined Brucela Ovis and Pseudotuberculose and can be taken after the auction in other European countries, the buyer has the transport approval type 1
( up 8 hours ) or type 2 ( over 8 hours ).


NEW: The auction site St. Johann is a recognized EU location.


Overnight stay: Keyword " sheep " at Albhotel Bauder, 72813 St Johann-Lonsingen, phone (49) 07122-170


Come together on Friday evening at 19.30 h, Albhotel Bauder



Auction in Zuchering / Ingolstadt, 28th July 2018


Rams for the auction


May 2 th – 4 th 2018

Visit of the World Championshow in Bloemfontein / South Africa




Dezember 2017:

Lambs of Insemination from July 2017 – australien Genetic





Auction St. Johann / Reutlingen August 12 th, 2017



Male and female dorper lambs for auction



Insemination July 26 th, 2016:

Insemination of 50 Dorper sheep with different rams from Bellevue Dorpers


Dr. Ben Burton,

Dr. Daniela Bürstel,

Manager Ben Grobbelaar

and helper team




September 2016:

After one year, the new genetics of Bellevue Dorpers




Auction Zuchering / Ingolstadt July 30 th, 2016

Rams to auction  



September 2015: our new genetic

The first Bellevue Dorper embryo lamb born in Germany.

Top genetics from Bellevue Dorper, Australien  



Auction St.Johann / Reutlingen August 22tn, 2015

These male and female Dorpers come to auction  



Auction Zuchering / Ingolstadt August 23th, 2014




Auction Ilshofen August 10th, 2013




Oktober 21th, 2012


Am 21. Oktober 2012 besuchte uns Sophie Curtis von Bellevue Dorpers, Australien.


v.l.n.r. Joel Madge, Eberhard Lang,

Sophie Curtis




März 13th; 2012


Dorper Sheep Breeders Society Middelburg, South Africa


v.l.n.r. Eberhard Lang, Attie Westraad,

Ben Grobbelaar